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Welcome to the Team!

Welcoming Akos to the Xact Placements Team: A Passionate Recruitment Consultant and Burger Enthusiast!

Summer of 2023 has brought a fresh breeze of enthusiasm and expertise to the Xact Placements family, as we proudly introduce our newest team member, Akos! With 18 months of valuable experience in the industry, garnered from his time at a Tech Recruitment Agency, Akos steps into his role as a Recruitment Consultant with a zeal for connecting exceptional talent with their dream careers.

A Passion for Recruitment and Career Growth:

Akos is not just a Recruitment Consultant; he is a dedicated advocate for professionals seeking to carve their path in the world of software development and testing. His passion for recruitment shines through as he works tirelessly to guide individuals toward their career goals. Armed with industry insights and a genuine desire to foster growth, Akos is poised to make a meaningful impact on both candidates and clients alike.

Beyond the Desk: Sports, Travel, and Burger Quests:

While Akos excels in the realm of recruitment, his interests and passions extend far beyond the confines of the office. An ardent sports enthusiast, he finds solace in watching, playing, and discussing various sports. His heart belongs to the Dallas Cowboys, and despite the heartbreak that often accompanies each NFL season, Akos remains a steadfast and passionate supporter.

Traveling is another adventure that captures Akos’s spirit. Exploring new cultures and experiencing the world’s wonders fuels his sense of curiosity and appreciation for diversity. And when he’s not cheering for his team or exploring new destinations, Akos channels his energy into the realm of gaming and socializing with friends.

However, one of Akos’s most delectable quests is his hunt for the world’s best burger. With a current titleholder hailing from a charming burger bistro in Zagreb, Akos is on a culinary journey to discover more mouthwatering options across the globe. If you’re curious about the reigning champion or seeking burger recommendations, don’t hesitate to reach out!

A Bright Future with Xact Placements:

As Akos steps into his role at Xact Placements, he is excited to apply his well-honed skill set to benefit both our clients and candidates. With a dedication to excellence and a drive to continuously develop himself, Akos embodies the spirit of growth and innovation that Xact Placements holds dear. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact he will undoubtedly have on our team and the recruitment landscape as a whole.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Akos as he embarks on this exciting journey with Xact Placements. The future is bright, and with Akos on board, we are poised to achieve remarkable milestones and foster countless success stories. Here’s to a promising partnership and the pursuit of the perfect burger!

For those curious about the reigning burger champion or looking to connect with Akos, feel free to get in touch with us. Let’s celebrate this new chapter and toast to a future filled with growth, success, and mouthwatering burgers!

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