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Advice to help you through your remote interview!

Taking into consideration the current climate, online interviews and digital communication are becoming much more apparent in recent times.  

Here at Xact, we’ve put together a few simple ideas that will put you in the best position to secure the job you want, even if you can’t physically attend an interview onsite. There are a wide range of elements to consider here we break them down nicely for you… 

  • Distractions – Quite possibly the most important factor on the list, it is crucial to ensure that you are well focused, and your full attention is devoted to the task in hand. We’d recommend using a plain background so there is nothing with the potential to put you, or your interviewer off. Perhaps, don’t sit in front of a window so that you can’t get distracted by what’s happening outside (although hopefully, not too much at the moment). If you’re not alone, tell other people in your household or workspace that you’ll be doing a video interview, just so they know to keep the volume down! The holly grail though, as with all interviews, put that phone on silent!  
  • Infrastructure – Ensure you have an internet connection that can stand up to what you need it to do – There’s nothing worse than having your interview affected by poor internet or a faulty connection. Being hardwired in will help this.  
  • Clothing – Another vital factor on the list, wear appropriate clothing all the way down, don’t think that the person on the other line won’t be able to see underneath your top half. Ensure you avoid white or pure black. Your camera may fail to cope with the overt lighting and your face may consequently become discoloured. No one wants to see that Spurs shirt anyway!
  •  Lighting – We are living in the Youtube generation! Always have lights placed in front of you at a distance. Having them directly in front of you up close is a bit harsh and may damage the colouring of your face. Don’t have lights behind you either, otherwise this will produce shadows that may damage the overall look. It may even enhance the actual background even more than you, which is not good at all.  If you need any help with this, my 16 year old is always on hand and full of handy hints!
  • Quality – Sound and camera to consider here. We would recommend wearing wired earphones or headsets with built-in microphones for the best sound quality, stay away from built in microphones on your PC or laptop. Also, your camera should be level with your eyes and face to guarantee good and easy eye contact, don’t let your forehead be the only visible thing in frame, nor for your chin to be the only thing in shot either – not too close but not too far away. Make it perfect. Just like you, right?!
  • Test – Test and practice with the platform or software you’re using to avoid technical difficulties during your interview. Remember, you are only granted a set amount of time to show them how great you are, do not waste it on logistical problems. Practice what you’ll say and how you’ll say it, practice your interview technique, but also – practice how you launch the App on your laptop a few times too.
  • Oldskool – Have a pen, paper and your CV available at hand – This shows you are prepared and organised. It’s handy to be prepared for anything, and everyone loves taking notes – am I right?

Finally, and most importantly, relax, stay calm, be you and enjoy it! 

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