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Liquid gold!

I have given blood for as long as I can remember, but have only recently started to donate plasma (today was my 2nd donation).

To be honest, I’d never even heard of it prior to a phone call from the NHS Blood Donation Service, but it is vitally important stuff that the NHS refer to as ‘liquid gold’. It looks weird, it feels even weirder to donate but it is priceless.

Plasma is a yellowish liquid in your blood that carries platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells around the body.
It makes up approximately 55% of your blood, and contains antibodies, known as immunoglobulins, which fight infection.
These antibodies are made into medicines to help people with cancers, rare diseases, immune disorders and genetic conditions.

Donating plasma is safe and easy and is similar to donating blood.

See where you can donate here:

If you can help, please do.

#nhs #plasma #blooddonation #blooddonor

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