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Recruitment – my first 3 months.

My First three months in recruitment have been enjoyable but challenging. I had never done recruitment in any of my previous roles so this was all new to me.

I knew recruitment wasn’t going to be easy but I don’t think I was really prepared for just how different, and sometimes difficult it was going to be to start with. Within my first week at Xact Placements, there was so much to learn and take in e.g. telephone manner and learning a new system. At first learning all these new skills and terminology was difficult but it didn’t take me long to get use to everything.

I recently placed my first candidate! It felt amazing to guide someone through the process and help them. Everyone at Xact was so helpful and answered any questions I had and also guided me through the process.

Even though it has only been 3 months I am really enjoying the challenge that recruitment brings and love the opportunities my hard work can bring.

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