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Rewarding successes

We like to reward success here at Xact, but at the same time keep our team’s minds sharp so what better way than with a trip “TO THE CRYSTAL DOME”!!

A great time was had by all as we threw ourselves into the physical, skill, mental and mystery games on Friday of last week to reward the team and to top it off, WE WON – keeping our competitive edge over the other three teams taking part – almost doubling the number of silly shiny pieces of paper collected inside the dome than that of our closest rivals.

The experience was great for morale and team spirit and also a load of fun and we’d highly recommend it if you remember the show, it has it all bar the ‘Oceania’ zone, which was good for us as we had a dinner reservation near St Paul’s shortly after and it was FREEZING!

On to the next one, any ideas greatly appreciated – the more challenging the better! 

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