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Simple Tips to help you land your perfect role:

There is a lot of advice out there for job hunters. Here are some of our best, most simple tips, to help you land your perfect role. 

Preparation is key

Most people are taught to tailor their CV and one cover letter for each application you make. We agree, however, many organisations now use sophisticated recruitment software which means that when your CV is submitted automation software picks out keywords that correspond to the advert. 

You need to be sure that you that you have highlighted every skill you have that relates to the job description so that this software picks them up, and and this may even mean changing the format of your CV to give you a better chance with your application.

Then, check your CV, then get someone else to check it, then check it again. Spelling mistakes won’t help your application!

There’s more to life than job boards

Hey, the boards have their place, don’t get me wrong, but don’t put all your eggs in their basket. You wouldn’t believe the amount of applications made to jobs posted online, especially in the current climate, so how can you avoid your CV getting lost?  

Lots of organisations use agencies instead (thanks goodness, or we would be out of a job!) so research who specialises in your field and reach out to them, let them know who you are. Most agencies will want to interview you before they put you forward for a role, and with the rise of Zoom and Teams this is becoming even easier these days to organise. 

Agencies work hard to build and nurture their relationships with their clients so it is in both our, and your best interests if we only represent you for positions & cultures you are best suited to, will be comfortable in, and therefore stand the best chance of securing. Treat your meeting / call / video call with an agency as a job interview and make the best impression you can. We will work hard for you, but you need to put the work in too. Listen to any advice or coaching offered and act on it. Helping people get jobs is how we make our living after all.

Every recruiter is using LinkedIn. Switch ‘career interests’ on in your settings, which lets people know you are open to looking, and allows you to connect with more recruiters. A surefire way to start your job search and get people contacting you too. Make strong recruiter relationships and leverage these throughout your career.

Spend time on your LinkedIn profile

Make sure that your shop window is dressed the best it can be. It’s no good having a great CV if no one can see it, your LinkedIn profile is out there for all to see. Update it regularly. Additionally, it’s important to be all true. A lot of people think everyone embellishes their CV, not thinking that agencies and potential employers will cross reference their online presence, make sure you have your ducks in a row.

Keep your profile pic professional

LinkedIn profiles with pictures get more page views. The photo of you sitting on the bonnet of a sports car in a pair of sunnies is ok for other social platforms, but maybe not for LinkedIn. Keep it professional. A simple headshot, taken with a smart phone against a plain background it perfect.  And, keep the photo up to date too, people like to know who they’re looking out for at a meeting. 

Set up job alerts

You can do this on LinkedIn and the job boards. Once you’ve made a job search on a specific platform, you’ll  normally find a ‘Job Alert’ button, just hit that  and you will get  regular (sometimes too regular) alerts for similar jobs. Every platform will have their own version of this.

Follow companies you are interested in on LinkedIn

This is so easy, and will allow you to get to know what’s going on in the company and help you research when you get an interview with them. Most companies advertise their roles on their company pages too. If you are serious about working for a company, do the work, keep an eye on developments there and use this knowledge at interview.


Comment on posts that in your sector and like, like, like to help get yourself out there. Don’t go down rabbit holes and chat aimlessly to anyone and everyone, but if see relevant people and start conversations in a meaningful way then it can open you up to vast new networks.

All feedback is good feedback if you can action something from it

If you don’t get feedback on your application, ask for it. Whatever feedback you get, read it and take it on board. Then carry these experiences forward into your next application.

Don’t make silly mistakes

The amount of CVs I see with no contact details on is amazing. How can agencies or prospective employers contact you without an email address or phone number? Spellcheck, proof read and get someone else to proof read for you. Make sure you don’t fall at the first hurdle.

Above all, talk to people – the more conversations you have the more doors will open for you. If you’re looking for a new role then check out our vacancies page and see what we have to talk about:

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