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Xact Interview tips

Interviews can be a nerve wracking experience for some people, but with our help, they don’t need to be.

The following tips act as a general guide. Every interview situation is different, so for specific information on your upcoming interview, please call your Xact consultant on +44 (0)118 959 2002.

Be prepared

Try and dedicate as much time as you can to preparing for the interview. This will ensure that you feel 100% ready to meet with the client and show your best qualities, without worrying that you don’t know enough about the company, don’t know how to get there, or haven’t got any questions to ask etc.

You should focus on researching the website, planning your route and ensuring you have your clothes cleaned, ironed and ready to impress.

Research the company:

This is one of the most important areas of your interview preparation. Because of this, we have dedicated a blog post to this for further reading.

At the very least, you should learn what the company does, and who you will be meeting with on the day.

Plan your route

No matter how much you prepare for the interview, being late will immediately put you on the back foot.

If possible you should try and conduct a dry run to the interview meeting place. This is so that you are sure about how long the journey will take and you can find suitable parking if required.

Choose your outfit

First impressions really do last. Take time to choose what you are going to wear, and ensure that it is appropriate to the interview situation.

It is best to choose conservative colours that go well together. In general, professional attire such as a suit and tie for men, or skirt with jacket and formal blouse for ladies will be expected.

Don’t forget to clean your shoes, and leave your musical Christmas socks in the draw at home!

Read your CV

Most interviewers will focus on the information on your CV in their own preparation for the interview. After all, this is all they know about you so far.

Make sure that you read through your CV prior to the interview and think about questions you may be asked. These could include:

  • Why did you leave each role?
  • What were your duties in X job?
  • What were your main achievements in X position?
  • Why was there a gap between X position and Y position?
  • Providing clear, concise answers to these questions will eradicate most reservations and will reassure the client that your CV is genuine.
  • Also, it is a good idea to think about how your CV matches the job spec, and make sure you are ready to emphasise this in the interview.
    On arrival at the interview:

    As soon as you get to the interview, be mindful that you are being considered as a prospective member of the team. This includes your conduct in the car park and in reception.

    Drive slowly and carefully around the site and ensure that you greet the receptionist with a smile and a professional attitude. They may well be asked by the interviewer how you presented yourself on arrival.

    Get ready for questioning

    Most interviewers will want to know much of the same information, so there are some questions that you should always be ready for:

    • Why do you want to work for our company?
    • What do you know about the company and the job?
    • What skills do you feel you can bring to this role?
    • What are your worst points?
    • Where do you see yourself in 1, 3 and 5 years time?
    • How would your friends and colleagues describe you?
    • What do you like to do in your spare time?

    Get ready to question the interviewer

    Whilst you have to sell your skills and experiences to the client, they also have to sell their company and role to you.

    Don’t be afraid to ask about the company’s performance, aspirations and career progression opportunities. This will give you an insight into the long term objectives for the organisation and also show your commitment and interest in developing your career with the company.

    Immediate feedback

    As the interview is coming to an end, ask the client what the next stage will be, and whether they feel you would be suitable for the role.

    If they have any reservations this is your opportunity to provide more information and reassure them by demonstrating how you are going to overcome their concerns.
    And finally:

    Good luck, and remember we are always on hand to help you with the interview process.

    Call your consultant on +44(0)118 959 2002 with any questions.

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