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Xact’s approach to Recruitment

With unemployment at a 17-year low, candidates are becoming more selective than ever before when choosing their next career move.  Using a one-track approach to recruit for your business – just phone, just LinkedIn, or just email will not win you the war (or the race) for the best hire for your business. It’s the same when it comes to Agencies. This method is much more transactional than relational, and now more than ever it’s all about building strong candidate relationships and nurturing these relationships into client ones.

We believe that you need a candidate-focused approach. We put candidates smack bang in the middle of the hiring process; where instead of just managing vacancies or requirements (filling jobs); at Xact, our consultants strive to deliver a different candidate experience; one where we engage with candidates on a regular, ongoing basis, in a way tailored for them,  from the first time they register, to their first day in their new role.

The best part for you is that with this approach, we find the time from registering a vacancy to placing a candidate, massively reduced. We have active candidate pools in our specific markets that know us, and we know them. We don’t have to reactively go out to market every time we start to look at a new role for you.

Gone are the days of sending generic automated email messages, and tools like WhatsApp have taken their place. Candidates demand that we engage with them at a time to suit them and on their terms. We find that they enjoy a real conversation with a human being at an agreed time (even if that time is lunchtime on a Sunday) more rewarding and fulfilling. 

Putting the human back into recruiting means that we can easily implement a Candidate Engagement strategy, which enables us to initiate and maintain a relationship with our candidates through their chosen channel. Having real conversations creates an unbeatable candidate experience giving better results for both parties, whilst decreasing the overall time to hire for you.

Working with Xact is about being human and building relationships – that’s what makes the difference in a competitive market.

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