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Xacts tips for inducting your new hire

Once the interviews are completed and offers accepted, you should also think about how to make the first few days of employment run smoothly for you and your new hire:

  • Time:

    a new starter requires care and attention. Make sure you set aside time in your diary to familiarise your new employee with the company environment and working procedures.

  • Paperwork:

    try and make sure that everything is ready on day 1 so that the relevant forms can be completed and your employee can get on with learning their new role and become an asset to your team.

  • Training:

    everyone needs at least some training in a new job. Xact believe that this is the main reason why candidate’s leave a role in the first few weeks.

  • Equipment:

    does the candidate have everything that they need to do their job? Make sure that their computer is ready to be used from day 1, to avoid wasting your time and theirs.

  • Brief your existing staff:

    the rest of your team can help a new hire to feel at home from day 1. Why not all go for lunch together and get to know one another away from the office? Assigning a ‘buddy’ can help free up your time to get on with your job, and give the candidate someone to speak with on their level.

  • Communicate:

    the end of the first day and the first week are great times to catch up and make sure that your new employee is happy in their new role. This will allow you to answer any questions and solve any problems that may have arisen.

  • Contact Xact:

    we are here to help throughout the induction period and beyond. Let us know if there is anything you need.

Please contact one of our specialist consultants with any queries you may have.

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