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Xact’s top tips for interviewing candidates

We find that most of our clients have never received any formal training on how to interview candidates and identify the right person for the role, even though staff are invariably a company’s greatest asset.

With this in mind, we have put together the following hints and tips that you should find useful as a guide to interviewing do’s and dont’s:

  • Be prepared

    Make sure that you have read the candidate’s CV, and have questions ready to ask so that the conversation can run freely from the start.

  • Choose a format

    Some people take a more structured approach with set questions to be answered by each candidate, whereas others prefer to have an unstructured chat about the role, candidate CV and the company. Also, do you need to check a candidate’s presentation skills, or set them a technical test?

  • Let the conversation run naturally

    This will help the candidate be more relaxed and you will discover what they are really like in the work environment.

  • Discuss the role in detail

    Ask the candidate to tell you why they are suitable. This will show that they have done their research, that they understand the role, and can communicate with you in a clear and professional manner.

  • Involve your staff

    If the candidate will be working with a team of people, why not invite them to meet the candidate briefly and discuss the role. They may pick up on skills that you have missed and also eliminates bias.

  • Win the candidate over

    You have to sell your vacancy to the candidate as much as they need to promote their skills to you.

  • Allow time for questions

    This will help you identify the candidate’s real motivators for choosing your role, and reveal their ability to think for themselves.

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